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Tenaglie is a small village under the municipality of Montecchio. In the XIII century it belonged to the Baschi family funded by Galino (or probably Ugolino Guglielmo) from Biscaglia, an army official at the service of Carlo Magno. When together they came to Italy, Galino received The Carnano castle as a present, a castle elevated on a rock 300m away from the Tenaglie village, today visitors can still admire the ruins. Through an arch, on the castle wall, is the entrance to the historical part of Tenaglie with narrow alleys and little squares. On the main entrance visitors can admire the Atti family coat of arms, who were in power in the area during the XV century. Tenaglie village is dominated by the Ancajani Pallace built in the XVII century by Filippo Ancajani, gerosolimitano knight and sergeant at the service of the pope army. In the XIX century the palace was restored and a permanent exhibition on farming traditions is available for viewing every last Sunday of each month (free entrance).

Montecchio became a village in the XI century, after the division of the Baschi municipality. It was fortified by the Normans after the battle against Spoleto. In the Fosso-Saint Lorenzo locality was discovered a necropolis: significant proof of early settlements of the Umbrian and the Etruscan population. Between the VI and V century bc, it was a flourishing centre, but in the IV century it decayed after the rising of Todi town. In 1165 the Chiaravalle family built the first caste unit called “Castro Monticoli”. For its strategic position Montecchio competed between Todi and Orvieto. In 1497 it was ransacked by the military troupes of Alessandro VI, led by Matteo da Canale. Montecchio had kept is municipality autonomy until the XIX century, afterword it became an hamlet of Baschi town until 1948.
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